Tuesday, April 29, 2014

DOGS for OSO from FEMA of OHIO

It is April 3, 2014.  In front of us, the three seats of row 17 are occupied by 4.  Two are search dogs from FEMA of Ohio and the other two are their handlers, two women.  The four are on their way to the mudslide in Oso, Washington to search for the missing.  In the row behind us sits a woman who has lost a relative in the disaster.  The dogs blend silently into the floor.  The women read and doze.  The dogs show no interest in the rest of us or what we are doing.  They are working dogs, trained in a specialty and they will begin their jobs tomorrow at dawn.  Few on this plane know they are even here with us.  At some point, the woman who has lost a relative in the mudslide in Oso thanks the handlers for what they are about to undertake.  She tells them of her relative.  It is not possible to hold back the tears.

art by:Cheryl A. Hufnagel, Shoreline, Washington        www.cherylahufnagel.com

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Bruce Bagley and Roxine McQuitty are enjoying all 13 of their new coasters made at the Schack during the Vivid Ink Coasters Arty Hour Workshop.

Awesome Date Night

"Roxine & Bruce -- what an awesome date night!" (photo and comment by Jennifer J. MacLean in her class on Alcohol Inks)  The night was rendered even more awesome when the red ink poured out over Bruce's hand.  And, that was even before I went outside to get my drying tiles, not realizing that the door would lock behind me.  My knight in shining armor (Schack apron and red fingers) eventually rescued me.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


For BEB in Seattle:

wind keeps our skates calm

in midwest autumn we sleep

no reason to rise

longer hours to stay in bed

your warmth and arms in darkness

rain keeps our skates calm

in northwest autumn we rest      

with dark idle days

more time to be all alone

spooning kisses and your hands

Edmonds 2012